How to integrate Jira with StandupBuddy

StandupBuddy is a Slack standup bot. We use it every day in our company. It gets the job done for us, although it doesn’t have a lot of features.

Recently I realized that I miss one useful feature: I want the bot to make links to our task tracker when I type a task name. This feature is ready now. Let’s see how we can make links to Jira.

1. How Slack represent links?

First of all, we should understand how hyperlinks look in Slack internally. It is in the form of <link|title>. For example, the link to Google will look like <|Google>.

2. What URL your task tracker uses?

For example, we have a Jira account with a project prefix DEV. So our tasks will have names like DEV-123. We want them to be converted to links that look like

And then we convert it into Slack format: <|DEV-123>.

3. Let’s make it work

Go to the tab on your standup management page. You’ll see 2 text fields. Enter (DEV\-\d+) in the first field and <\1|\1> in the second.

Also, you can try the settings before saving the standup on the same page.

Using ClickUp too?

Try these settings then: \[CU\-([\w\d]+?)\]and [<\1|CU-\1>]. To be converted, the text must look like [CU-h934h].

If you have any suggestions or problems with that feature, feel free to contact me.

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